Compatibility Chart


Chemical Compatibility Chart

Select the Chemical from the list for which you want compatibility information and Submit.
Chemicals List
The selected chemical will be checked for compatibility with the following
materials listed below

  1. PVDF

  2. PTFE
  3. Viton

  4. Neoprene

  5. EPDM


  1. SS 316

  2. SS 304

  3. Polypropylene

  4. Hastalloy C

  5. Cast Iron

  6. Aluminium

These ratings are complied with fluid temperatures upto 22° C.

The above chart is intended to assist users in selecting
the proper material for a specific Chemical Application. This
Chart is based on information gathered from a variety of Chemical
and Industrial Handbooks and other reputable sources.

While this information provides a reasonable representation
of the effects of chemicals on listed materials, we do not guarantee favourable
results and assume no liability in connections with its use.